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Displays (Pilot Press, October 2023)


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Displays has theoretical commitments, even if only to a “birdlike, brained” logic. Katherine Franco’s debut collection attends to sibilants, the system of signs, and sainthood in a kind of half-joke. Displays features a subject who wants to be “good” and for desire to be delivered through a well-formed critique. She likes explication. Then, she doesn’t.


Deriving its terrain from the classroom and the open road, Displays demonstrates how poetics is a source of knowledge and flight. The collection is dogged for a thesis, but instead finds itself amidst practicums, biopolytechnicaltechniques, and acts of renunciation. “Likeness is like / flying,” Franco writes in one of the book's final poems. Flight need not mean an abandonment of politics, pain, or one’s daily life – the collection suggests – but instead the generation of a landscape where play and poetic experimentation reign. There, we can discover the restless epistemology distinct to Displays.



"There certainly is no synonym for the recurrent 'striations' Franco has created in her Displays—digging deep into the surfaces she's built up, a surface rhythm appears in her work like bars of music. For reasons I can't quite explain, I hear a sacred exuberance reminiscent of Adélia Prado or even Theodore Roethke's charge: I'll make a broken music, or I'll die." – Aaron Fagan

"An Interview with Katherine Franco" (Maya Sibul), The Oxonian Review, 30 October 2023

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