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"The drawbridge rising and the follow-through," Responses to Forbidden Colours (c.1988) by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Pilot Press, November 2023.

"Dear Saint Theresa, [Be the good enough]," "Dear Saint Theresa, [Same day: shower]" (two poems), Juked, April 2023. 

"Like: Like," "Displays," "The sense of sense of sense of sense of sense of sense," "Conservation Track" (four poems), Ludd Gang, March 2023. 


"Rogue at June's End," Problem Play," "Moulding" (three poems), Responses to Untitled (eye with comet) (c.1985) by Paul ThekPilot Press, March 2023.

"Opening (the Inside) (the Beginside)," "Lamentation" (two poems), Prelude, February 2023.


"Practicum," "Renunciation," "Stiff or Rigid" (three poems), DATABLEED, September 2022.


"Brokering," "Little Symbols" (two poems), Responses to Love's Work (1995) by Gillian Rose, Pilot Press, July 2022.

"4 December," The Oxonian Review, April 2022.

“Dear Saint Theresa, [You were doctor: I doctor],” “Dear Saint Theresa, [How can you be]” (two poems), Yalobusha Review, January 2022.

“The First One," Now I Know, Daylight: Responses to Untitled No 1 (1981) by Agnes Martin, Pilot Press, September 2021.

BIBLIOBIOTECHNICS — ongoing and serially published experiments in prose


"BIBLIOBIOTECHNIC I (MUSIQUE)," The String, July 2022.


"Robert Altman's 3 Women," Screen Slate, March 2024.

"Reading the Data Subject," Post45: Contemporaries ("Reading with Algorithms" cluster), co-written with the Privacy Settings Collective, December 2023.

"Maren Ade's Toni Erdmann," Screen Slate, November 2023. 


"Review: Letters, Stephen Ratcliffe and Barbara Guest," Chicago Review 66:03/04/67:01: Small Press Poetry in the United States, Winter/Spring/Summer 2023 (print).

"My preferred pedagogy is Pathetic Literature," Jacket2, May 2023. 

"An Interview with Rachel Aviv," The Oxonian Review, March 2023.

"Huang Ji's Egg and Stone," Screen Slate, March 2023. 

“Against Death and Boredom: Philippa Snow's Which As You Know Means Violence," Review 31, December 2022.

"In Our Orbit: FC Bergman’s 300 el x 500 el x 30 el,” Oxford Review of Books, November 2022.

“October Trifles: The First Art Editor,” The Oxonian Review, October 2022. 

"My World, My Kin, My Twin: Reflections on Godard," The Oxonian Review, September 2022.

"'Meeting this strangeness': Katherine Agyemaa Agard's of colour," Jacket2, June 2022.


"On Arendt and Ambivalence: In Conversation with Jacqueline Rose," Oxford Review of Books, co-written with Srutokirti Basak, June 2022.

“Joyceware,” Oxford Review of Books, March 2022.

“Poetics in practice,” CRASSH, “Talking as Cure” Research Network, August 2021.

“Review: Kim Min Jeong’s Beautiful and Useless,” SPAM, April 2021.

“Global Dispatches: Marta De Pascalis’s Sonus Ruinae (Berlin),” Oxford Review of Books, March 2021.

“The Callow Complicity of Adults,” Oxford Review of Books, December 2020.

“Global Landscapes: Queer Futures (The Majestic Saloon –– Northampton, Massachusetts),” Oxford Review of Books, October 2020.

“Through the Zoom-Glass,” Oxford Review of Books, June 2020 (October 2020, print).


"An Interview with Katherine Franco" (Maya Sibul), The Oxonian Review, October 2023.


<EXTANT001>ROSY DX, August 2022.

Two-week digital residency where I produced and promoted a virtual “exhibition.” My exhibition <EXTANT001> explores the relationship between writers' libraries and post-internet culture via experimental film. The exhibition is archived and collated on my website here.

The Late Lectures: IV (short film)

——Berlin International Art Film Festival, June 2021

——Silk Road Film Awards––Cannes, June 2021 (Best Experimental Film)

“drawer of water, watercarrier” (watercolor series and artist's statement), oxford public philosophy, October 2020.

two photographs (1, 2) for "A Summer Indoors" series, Oxford Review of Books, June 2020.

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